Wrestlemania 15

| Date: March 28, 1999 | Venue: First Union Centre | City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Attendance: 20, 276 | Buyrate: 800, 000 The Ragin’ Climax. The Climax to the last year. Everything comes to a head tonight. And look at that buyrate, 800, 000 bought this PPV, the biggest buyrate of all time up to now. And tonight they will be tuning into watch “Stone Cold” Steve Austin fight for The Rocks … Continue reading Wrestlemania 15

In Your House 27: St Valentine’s Day Massacre

| Date: February 14, 1999 | Venue: The Pyramid | City: Memphis, Tennessee | Attendance: 19,028 | Buyrate: 448,878 St Valentine’s Day, a fitting evening for WWFs best couples to square off against one another. And what a card we have in store for tonight. The WWF title will be on the line when champion Mankind who defeated The Rock at half time Heat will defend against the former champion, The Rock. … Continue reading In Your House 27: St Valentine’s Day Massacre