Wrestlemania 2000

| Date: April 2nd 2000 | Venue: Arrowhead Pond  | City: Anaheim, Calafornia | Attendance: 19, 776 | Buyrate: 824, 000 A McMahon in every corner. The biggest buyrate in history (up to now) should make a for a brilliant PPV, especially considering the success of the last two shows, Royal Rumble and No Way Out. The main event features a McMahon in every corner, with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in … Continue reading Wrestlemania 2000

Royal Rumble 2000

| Date: January 23rd, 2000 | Venue: Madison Square Garden | City: New York, New York | Attendance: 19, 231 | Buyrate: 590, 000 The Road to Wrestlemania begins. And like always, it begins at the Royal Rumble. In the main event tonight WWF Champion Triple H, who beat The Big Show on Raw a few weeks go, will defend against Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack you say? Cactus Jack indeed. On the … Continue reading Royal Rumble 2000

In Your House 25: Judgement Day

| Date: October 18 1998 | Venue: Rosemont Horizon | City: Rosemont, Illinois | Attendance:  18,153 | Buyrate: 327,000 Judgement Day: noun the time of the last Judgement, the end of the world. Will tonight be the end of the world? The Undertaker or Kane will become WWF champion which for a lot of people means, the end of the world. At Breakdown we saw both men pin then champion “Stone Cold” Steve … Continue reading In Your House 25: Judgement Day

In Your House 22: Over The Edge

Over The Edge. That’s where a lot of the superstars will need to go if they want to succeed on the show tonight. Dude Love and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will have to go Over The Edge. They meet in a rematch from the last PPV with the WWF title on the line. It’s very much like Unforgiven except this time Vince McMahon has announced that … Continue reading In Your House 22: Over The Edge

In Your House 20: No Way Out

There’ll be No Way Out of Texas for a lot of WWF superstars tonight as they do battle on the final stop before Wrestlemania. On this show we should see the wheels in motion for the biggest show of the year. That’s definitely evident in the main event where we’ll see three of the biggest feuds in the company clash in one match. On one … Continue reading In Your House 20: No Way Out

In Your House 19: D-Generation X

Attitude Is Everything. That’s the way the WWF is going right now and without it you are going to get lost in the mix. The man with the most attitude is WWF Champion Shawn Michaels, who’s PPV takes its name from his stable. Tonight Michaels defends his title against the man who had him tapping out a few weeks ago on Raw, Ken Shamrock. Shamrock … Continue reading In Your House 19: D-Generation X